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Luciana Del Mar is a Fitness mentor, Web Celebs, athlete, model, and video blogger. Who is from San Diego, California, USA. She has picked up the status of a fitness icon. As far back as she began posting her fitness exercise recordings and pictures on the social media platform. Owning a toned and lean body.

She monitors her calories, focuses on her exercises, alongside taking certain supplements. The majority of this joined causes Luciana to keep up her magnificent figure. There’s significantly more to originate from Luciana – she’ll make sure to beauty the web with her fitness recordings and inspirations. There’s more to originate from Luciana – she’ll make sure to beauty web with her fitness recordings and inspirations for a considerable length of time to come.
 Her family detail didn’t reveal on any website or social media platform.




Luciana’s Body Measurements

Luciana has a sexy look with a stunning body. Her weight is approximately 70kg and other measurements like height, breast (bra)size have not published on any website or social media.

Luciana’s Interest, Hobbies, Net Worth & Boyfriend

Firstly, she is a fitness instructor who uses web-based life and she found in connection with others in a similar field. She likes to dance and making videos of the workout session. Her net worth is right now under review and personal information is not available like a boyfriend, family, and friends. Luciana has 4 to 5 tattoos on her different body parts.


About Luciana Del Mar’s Profession


As we all are aware of the fact that Luciana Del Mar is well known for her lean and sexy figure. She was very passionate about her health and had a craze to maintain her figure since childhood. So she began working out when she determined to get a toned and a strong physique.


Then she joined the gym, she fascinated by her transformation. She worked hard for getting her dream figure and her hard work has paid off. After she transformed herself, she began posting her workout and fitness videos online. As she started uploading her videos and pictures online, she started catching the eyes of people for her good and amazing body.


In the course of time, She got many followers online and she became well-known soon. She always has a clean diet and her attractive body is a result of her daily hard work and dedication. She is a fitness model and also participated in NPC West Coast Bikini competition and came in 6th position in that.



Lucina’s Diet & Exercises (Core Training)


Luciana regularly prepares 4-5 times each week in the gym, splitting her workouts into lower and upper body training. She begins her chest area exercises with her most loved warm-up exercise – pull-downs. They take a shot at numerous muscles in her chest area – back, arms, and even her center. When she’s completely heated up, Luciana will reduce the reps and increment the weight to fully ‘blast’ her muscles.

This is what it looks like practically speaking for Luciana;

Lat pull downs 6,8,10 reps 4 sets (drop set)

Battle ropes, 1-minute max power, 30-sec rest

Twisted around columns 12-15 reps 4 sets

Core Training


While a few competitors don’t prepare their core straightforwardly, Luciana does the direct inverse. She trusts that core preparing could easily compare to whatever else.


The three primary advantages Luciana gets from preparing core are:-


Better posture

Increased stability and balance

Healthy back, aka, less back pain


Concerning her most loved core activities, they are:-




Leg Raises


Oblique Twists



Luciana’s Diet & Tattoo’s


Similarly, as with most fitness models, Luciana’s eating routine pure proteins, solid fats, and complex carb sources. A portion of Luciana’s best fat-consuming and muscle building nourishments incorporate;





Sweet Potatoes

Wild-caught Salmon

Lean Beef

Chicken Breasts


Luciana finishes her supplement necessities by having these enhancements, However, when she’s on voyaging and she doesn’t have some healthy nourishment to eat around then, Luciana takes a couple of supplements.





Fish Oil


Brand Endorsements


Vpx Sports (Bang Energy)

Ryder Wear

Dollskill (Fashion and Trendy Clothings)


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